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Let’s Play Star Trek Online Episode 37

Let’s Play Star Trek Online!  We’ve got a shuttle, and now we scurry through a Romulan installation looking for clues.

WordPress site:



As I go through the series, you can give me suggestions for what gear to get, so leave that in the comments.

This material is used under fair use laws, there is no profit made from this and all copyrights are held by their original owners. Star Trek and all likenesses are copyright Paramount Pictures.  Star Trek Online is a licensed product of Cryptic Studios.

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The other writing work

I’m also still in the editing process for Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk.  It was a series I wrote and finished (not fully, but the first part, yes).  So, I thought I’d share a reminder of some of the things created for Rocket Fox.

Creative Commons Licence
Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk by Tim Holtorf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Web Web seniafelix AutoREALM : G:Swift Foxvulpinestarsystem.AuRX Vulpinia Prime updateAnd, of course, the original work in it’s entirety in pdf format.

The Full Series – Rocket Fox – Flight of the Nighthawk

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The year that was, Part 2

I guess I wasn’t finished, really.

I mentioned that I wrote a lot of really bad poetry (I think it’s bad, but if someone read it and liked it, then I’m glad that you did, I think I could have done more polishing, but it was merely a spew of consciousness), and I did write some poetry like things for Black Mask & Pale Rider.

But I also did some artwork.  Mostly it was drawing from a copy of an image to see if I could get the proportions right.  I might try and do more, and I’ve been thinking about picking up a Wacom board at some point to help out.

The first image I did happened to be not of a character, but of a ship.

I did the image in RayDream Studio, and I plan on using that to create the characters as well.  Senia, Aria, Clarfax, Hardy, Jadda and others who appear in the book.

The first actual character I drew happened to be Captain Senia Felix.

I used Illustrator to draw the image, and might do some others using it, if I am not satisfied with what I come up with in RayDream.

Next came Shani.

I’d already drawn a similar image for Pania, and I think this one came out quite nicely.

There were a few others that I had done, but these two were the ones I was most proud of.  I’m hoping that in 2014 I’ll practice a bit more and maybe come up with some better drawings of my characters.


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Character List: Pau Theta II Part One


The upcoming arc for the next installment of Rocket Fox will have a good number of characters, just like the first story.  Some won’t appear in this second story that were in Flight of the Nighthawk (such as Robert Quickfoot, Claudia Whitefur, Gilbert, and the entire staff of the Chattingham Academy), and some will only play off camera roles (such as General Gerring and Colonel Pitts).

For now, though, here’s a character list of the Nighthawk crew.  In the coming days I’ll post the lists of other characters who will be met and the city of Rondu and the headquarters of the main authority.

Characters for Pau Theta II


Bridge Crew

Captain Senia Felix – red furred vulpine, quiet attitude, weighs her decisions carefully, slightly nervous in this first major command

Commander Aria Sharpspear – spotted felinar, diplomatic, can be vocal when need be, very protective of her captain and crew

Astrometrics-Navigation Lt Commander Clarfax Billings – black furred vulpine, dedicated, intelligent, can get easily distracted, expert in spacial anomalies

Helm Officer Lt Mia Talon – beige furred felinar, very independent, very dedicated, can also be a bit nosey

Security Chief Lt Commander Mirri Ridgewell – brown furred felinar, dedicated, professional, often sites regulation and code, reminds captain of RVAF regulation when necessary

(communications officer will rotate between a vulpine and a felinar, male and female)

(operations officer will rotate between a vulpine and a felinar, male and female)

 Medical Bay

Drs. Herman and Katlyn Ringtail – procylon, mated pair, dedicated to medicine, still learning the protocols on board a military vessel, Herman can be rather jumpy and startled easily, Katlyn is very take charge

Nurses Michael and Sarah Littlepaw – procylon, mated pair, protective of the medical area, does not tolerate tomfoolery, work well together as a team, Michael sometimes seems lost without Sarah, Sarah does not take well to being ordered unless those come from either Drs. Ringtail (and eventually Captain Felix and Commander Sharpspear)

Hector and Simon Longfur – felinar, appear to be twins, reveal they are not, are in a relationship, both are experts in grooming and fur care, Hector has a very flamboyant and emotional attitude, mostly happy, Simon is a positive light and sees the best in everything, both like to talk while they work


Chief Engineer Lt Commander Hardy Maynard – beige furred vulpine, engine room is her domain, protective of her staff and her engine core, often spends too much time at work and has to be ordered to take a break

(several other engineers with ranks of crewman, ensign and lt will be introduced as the story unfolds)


(security members will all be introduced throughout the story with Lt Commander Ridgewell as their commanding officer, these officers will also be the group responsible for tactical and will be charged with ensuring phaser banks are inspected, phaser cannons are in working order and loaded, and torpedo launchers and torpedo inventory is up to spec)


Command Wing Ground Communications Lt Commander Margo Greta – white furred felinar, rather quiet and very business like, has a knack for getting communications through jamming signals, finds her co-commander competent if not slightly annoying, refuses to call Sparks by his nickname “Sparky”

Command Wing Ground Assembly Lt Commander Harold “Sparky” Sparks – black furred felinar, gets excited easily, very professional when need be, can often times talk too much, has to have his reigns pulled in at times to keep him focused

Squadron Leader Lt Chloe Grivana – felinar, does not have fur, has skin markings, has tattoos which is part of her heritage and custom, doesn’t brag, lets actions speak for her, keeps her squadron in line, finds her co-pilot is the best pick for her

Squadron Leader co-pilot Samuel “Sammy” Flint – beige furred vulpine, smaller size, larger ears, keeps their craft in tip top condition, often engages in drills whether scheduled or not, keeps Chloe appraised of status at all times, schedules drills with her


Cook Angus Copperbottom – procylon, older, widowed, knows tradition very well, acts sort of as a councillor to the captain and crew, speaks in a very soft tone with a gravelly voice, never yells unless it’s in his galley


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Rocket Fox – The Series

The first series is now complete.   After a couple of years of writing, plotting, world building, and setting up several different stories (even Swift Fox is one of those stories), the entire thing is available for download.

Rocket Fox: Flight of the Nighthawk

Vulpinia Prime.  A utopian paradise on the edge of the Lupine Sector of Space.  The third planet of the Vulpine Star System, her inhabitants take to heart their age old adage that they are meant to protect the sector from any and all threats.  For many, it is an honour to be chosen at the many Academies of science, engineering, mathematics and even the famed military colleges that dot the planet.  Rarely has there been a serious threat which the Royal Vulpine Armada has had need to deal with.  But Article 16 of the Space Exploration Charter is there for a reason.  And for many of the cadets at the Chattingham Academy, they are soon going to find out why.

Rocket Fox – Chapter One | Rocket Fox – Chapter Two | Rocket Fox – Chapter Three

Rocket Fox – Chapter Four | Rocket Fox – Chapter Five | Rocket Fox – Chapter Six

Rocket Fox – Chapter Seven | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eight | Rocket Fox – Chapter Nine

Rocket Fox – Chapter Ten | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eleven | Rocket Fox – Chapter Twelve

Rocket Fox – Chapter Thirteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Fourteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Fifteen

Rocket Fox – Chapter Sixteen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Seventeen | Rocket Fox – Chapter Eighteen

The Full Series – Rocket Fox – Flight of the Nighthawk

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Rocket Fox – Chapter Eighteen


The Final Chapter!

The crew has boarded.

The mission is clear.

The Nighthawk prepares to launch.

Rocket Fox – Chapter Eighteen

To be continued in Pau Theta II

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Rocket Fox: Chapter Seventeen

Graduation is finished, every student is now looking forward to their new assignments.  For Captain Senia Felix and the crew of the Nighthawk, they already have an excellent idea.  Now, they just have to board the ship they have studied through schematics and data pads for some time now.  The Nighthawk awaits.

Rocket Fox – Chapter Seventeen

This weekend the final chapter!

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Rocket Fox: Chapter Sixteen

The day has arrived that each of the cadets at the Chattingham Academy and Military College have looked forward to.  Their graduation and the announcement of their placements.  While Senia Felix and her friends and the newly formed crew of the Nighthawk know exactly what their placement is, the announcement will be news to many others.  At least, before they launch, they’ll be getting some sound advice from some of their mentors.

Rocket Fox – Chapter Sixteen

Just two more chapters left in this first series.

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Rocket Fox – Chapter Fifteen

One last gathering for family and friends in a sociable atmosphere before the newly formed crew of the Nighthawk must undertake their mission.  Will this be the formation of a new, formidable force to help protect the Vulpine Star System, or is this just the calm before the storm?

Rocket Fox – Chapter Fifteen

Click the link to download the latest in the series.

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Rocket Fox – Chapter Fourteen


The senior staff of the Nighthawk has been chosen.  Graduation is only two days away.  Senia has surrounded herself with trusted peers and each has put together a good team of engineers, scientists, doctors, and pilots.  She’s even found that there are some colourful characters, what with the two Felanus barbers in Simon and Hector Longfur, and the veteran galley cook with Angus Longear.

But most importantly, the crew has learned just what the plot was that affected the academy.  Fillias Stigian reveals there is indeed a nefarious plot at work.

Rocket Fox – Chapter Fourteen

Download Chapter Fourteen of the Rocket Fox adventure, or catch up with the entire series to date with Rocket Fox – Flight of the Nighthawk.

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