Random thoughts and musings

11 Jul

It’s freakin’ hot!

Rather, it’s freaking hot outside.  At present, it’s a tolerable 25 Celsius (granted, the humidex pushes it to 29).  For those that are unfamiliar with metric, that totals up to 77 Fahrenheit, with a humidex reading of 85.  So, still relatively tolerable, but we’re supposed to get higher.  Right now, as I type this in the cool confines of my office, it’s great.  Step outside, however, and it feels like a wall of really moist, hot air.  You become wet in seconds.

I’m not a social justice blogger.

I’ve had a few people ask me about that and what my views are on different subjects and I really have to say, I am not a social justice blogger.  There are way more people on tumblr or on wordpress or on livejournal or any other blogging site that do an infinitely superior job keeping up to date on issues that affect everyone.  Me, I’m just the guy who reblogs stuff and has an opinion.  But most importantly, I’m also still learning about a lot of stuff.  I remain quiet most of the time because I don’t know what it’s like to be an Afrcian American woman, a woman in general, trans*, gay, lesbian, disabled, or any number of other things that affect people a great deal.  I merely read what they say, and go from there.  If I have an opinion, I try very hard to actually formulate an intelligent opinion.  So I’ll research about a topic and learn as much as I can.  What I do know about social justice blogging is that there are a greater number of people who do it way better than I do.  And I’m pretty sure a lot of those people will say that they aren’t even that good.

A lazy day means installing a new OS on the office computer.

For years (since 2007 in fact) we’ve had iMac computers in the office.  And a couple of years ago we had started to get messages from different software that we couldn’t update to current version because our OS was the wrong version.  Finally, we decided to get Snow Leopard.  But the thing I really hate about this situation is that we have been begging our head office for new machines for three years.  But each time we get told no.  I truly believe it’s because we’re one of the smallest newspapers in the company.  But it still irks me that we have to file such things and then get told that it would be a frivolous expense.  Dude, seriously, if we didn’t have computers, then there’d be no newspaper.  So therefore it is not a frivolous expense.

A lazy day may also mean some writing.

Maybe.  I’m not sure right now, because I have new ideas bouncing around in my head (stop it brain, stop it!).  I do want to get more done on Rocket Fox (not only want, but need to), plus work a bit more on the rewrite of Black Mask and Pale Rider.  And then this morning the words “Dragons of N’ftara” for some reason came into my head.  Don’t ask, my brain does weird things like that and just makes up words.  So thanks brain, now I have another world to craft, societies to make, and characters to design.  This on the heels of Rocket Fox which has already had a huge amount of world building.

I can understand the differences between summer and winter.

I really can, but it still is something that I weigh the pros and cons about.  I know that in winter if I get cold I can just put on more clothes, and in summer I can’t walk around naked (well, I probably could, but no one wants to see that now, do they?).  But I also like summer better for one big reason.  The days are longer.  The sun is up here at 4 in the morning.  I’ve lived in places where it was up at 3.  And in the evening, the sun doesn’t go down until 10 or 10:30.  Again, in some of those places I’ve lived, the sun was setting at 11 at night.  That’s just freakin’ awesome!  Compare that to winter, when it’s still dark at 8 in the morning (or 9 depending upon the locale).  Or it sets at 4:30 or earlier.  It’s one of the biggest reasons why I hate winter, because I have to deal with a heavy feeling for a good number of months.  It’s called SADs, and it really hits me hard sometimes.

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One response to “Random thoughts and musings

  1. madryy

    July 11, 2012 at 11:35 am

    You shouldn’t complain about heat. Over here it rockets up to close to 50 C! With the temperature constantly being over 40C!


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