New stuff in Rocket Fox, and why the women are the main focus

11 Aug

So part of my holiday has been dedicated to writing.  And thus, I have indeed.

For the most part, it’s been a matter of organizing and getting things together.  But I’ve also been adding a bit of story here and there, which has really been helpful thanks to ywriter (which I mentioned before here).  Essentially, I had to introduce an antagonist sooner.  That antagonist happens to go by the name of Colonel Stigian (first name I’ll make up in second draft). It’ll also allow for more to be seen with some of Senia’s mentors (and along with Clarfax and Hardy’s), such as Captain Rita Mallard.

I’ve gotten the complaint from a couple of people who have said that this is extremely female heavy for a story, and that it might not go over that well.  But to be honest, I wouldn’t be targeting just boys with Rocket Fox, but girls as well.  Because I am firmly of the belief that girls can do things boys can.  And one of those things happens to be reading sci fi adventure stories (trust me, I’ve seen some of the fandoms on tumblr, and there are a lot of women that are apart of them, like Mass Effect, Star Trek, the Avengers, and on and on and on).

Also, I’m trying to set up Vulpinia as a matriarchal society.  Women, or females as the case may be with the characters seeing how they aren’t human, approach the routine of politics, business and so much more of life a lot differently than men do.  Women would have more of the high profile positions, but men would also be there as well.  Yes, I understand that’s my own viewpoint on what a matriarchal society is, but I’ve also had research that points to other matriarchal societies on Earth.  Some are actually cultures within the human race.  They worked very well, which is one of the aspects for Rocket Fox.  Instead of a society that tried to be controlled by a church (let’s face it, that’s what happened to us), they became very inquisitive.  They explored space and met other cultures.

Not saying that their views on religion were less than ours, but they knew how to separate their faith from their government and from the want to discover.  The Vulpine and Felanus are actually, very religious, they just don’t wear it on their sleeves and consider it something very private with a few exceptions).

But in this story, the females of the society are the main focus, because they get stuff done.  They hold the greatest rank, but also know that the opinions of the males is equally valuable.  They understand that different view points might help them out of a situation.  So, yes, I may not be targeting or getting a lot of boys with this story (though, it’s possible that many would read it), but that leaves a story that could be read by a good number of girls.

And that’s never really a bad thing at all.


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