Pictorial of a gunslinger – video game edition

29 Aug

My character Shani from Guild Wars 2.  She’s very much a gunslinger now, with dagger and pistol in melee and dual pistols for ranged attacks.  The top picture, she’s not flying, she’s swimming.  And that’s a spear gun on her back.  That’s a might big spear gun on her back.

When she just stands with her guns drawn, she does a few interesting emotes.  Twirl the gun, check down the sights, turn left, check the sights again, twirl the gun, holster the pistols.

It’s pretty epic, no matter the situation.  And I’ve only uncovered 10% of the entire world while Shani is level 24.

The game is amazingly diverse and very subversive with its story telling.  Nothing really feels grindy when you go out and explore the world.  There’s lots to do, which seems to be encouraged as the story goes along, because you never ever out level your content.  Granted, I don’t know what that’s like in the upper levels as I’ve only hit level 24, which is fine for my third day in the game.

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