Farewell to an old friend

31 Aug

Farewell, from all of us at Paragon Studios | City of Heroes® : The World’s Most Popular Superpowered MMO.

The link above tells the entire tale, how by November 30 of this year, NCSoft will be shutting down the servers to the first Superhero based MMO ever to succeed in the online marketplace (or at least succeed as well as it did).  City of Heroes, City of Villains, Going Rogue.  They made an interesting package.

I think, even though I’ve left the game and haven’t really played in a year (or more) I kind of owe City of Heroes something.  If it wasn’t for CoX, I’d have never met some of the people in a role play group that I had a great deal of fun with over the course of time in the game.  And had it not been for CoX, and that group, then the creativity I had wouldn’t have really come out as it did.  There’d be no Black Mask & Pale Rider, no Canyons of Steel, and certainly no Rocket Fox.  I’d have been languishing in my ability to write and wouldn’t have been further ahead.

It may be a silly thing to credit to a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, but that’s the truth of it.  Had it not been for City of Heroes, and for the RPCongress (the role play group I had met and joined), none of those ideas I had would have really come to life.  So, because of that, this announcement from NCSoft, coupled with the farewell at Paragon Studios, meets me with mixed feelings.

Oh, it was a good run, indeed.  In a way, CoX made strides to become comparable to WoW, even though they were completely different genres.  And I don’t think CoX was seen as a WoW-killer, like so many other MMOs hoped to become, but I think CoX was seen as a game that could co-exist with WoW and compete on even terms.

But again, for me, CoX will always mean that I managed to kick start Black Mask & Pale Rider, and start putting those ideas I had onto paper (or more realistically, into a wordprocessor).

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