Tumblr hijinx at Fox News expense

21 Sep

A quote from a Fox News anchor is making it’s way around the tumblr-verse.

“He’s abandoned some of our key allies like Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.” ~Fox’s Liz Cheney attacks President Obama over a country that doesn’t exist anymore (via mediamattersforamerica)

Of course, one has to have a lot of fun at the expense of someone who mistakenly identified a country that hasn’t existed in twenty years.

Don’t get me started on Obama’s treatment of Prussia. A damned shame, that is. (via savagemike)

Personally I’m annoyed about his policies towards Hyperborea, Narnia and Middle Earth. (via iandsharman)

He has been really harsh on the Hyporborians, hasn’t he? (via spastasmagoria)

He hasn’t even weighed in on the scandal in Bohemia. (via alexandraerin)

When is Obama finally going to take a hardline with the USSR? I don’t like how they’re treating East Germany. (via alexcranz)

And what, exactly, is Obama’s policy on Cathay and Atlantis? (via gailsimone)

Better than his policies in regards to Lemuria. (via commodore-sparklebutt)

Obama’s Agarthan strategy drives me to tears of rage. (via melancthe)

You know I heard his family originates in Hibernia, but he never mentions it. Like he’s ashamed of it. (via dimbosama)

I’m simply curious as to whether or not we are, or ever have been, at war with Oceania (via neroon)

And he didn’t even send ambassadors to Westeros to help resolve that petty little war they were having! What the hell, Obama?! (via lonelywerewolfgirl)

And what about Genosha, goddamit? (via gokuma)

Forget Westeros. GALLIFREY IS GONE AND HE DID NOTHING TO HELP. (via ms-meryl)

Man, Obama really mishandled tensions between Ankh-Morpork and Agatean Empire. (via johanirae)

Obama ignores Latveria every time he goes to Europe.  We could really use their cheap labor to produce our own Doombots. (via finaldisciple)

Tensions between Florin and Guilder are at an all-time high.  Why doesn’t Obama intervene regarding the kidnapping of Princess Buttercup?! (via missworded)

The fact that Obama hasn’t weighed in on the Tortall-Scanra conflict is an outrage. (via crystalzelda)

I’m still waiting to hear Obama’s stance on the conflict between Romulus and Vulcan, and if he supports reunification.  And don’t even get me started on the rising tensions between the Caitians and Ferasan. (via timholtorf)

The notes of this have hundreds more.  Click the link and have a chuckle.

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