The Guardians soldier on, despite funding woes

24 Oct

The Guardians soldier on, despite funding woes.

The creators of Wapos Bay are back with a new animated series set 40 million years from now.

In Guardians Evolution, a group of indigenous teenagers from around the world fight a villain for the future of civilization.

But the future of the project in Saskatchewan is in doubt after the elimination of the province’s film tax credit. Financing is much more difficult now, co-producer Melanie Jackson said during a set visit Tuesday.

“(Banks) don’t trust Saskatchewan any more because there is no tax credit,”

In the past, a production company would estimate its labour costs, which the tax credit was designed to refund at the end of production, and then use the amount as leverage to finance the project. Banks are not willing to grant loans without the tax credit guarantee.

Jackson and her co-producer husband Dennis Jackson said they might have to move to a more film-friendly province if things don’t change. Part of the series is already produced in Halifax, which has a tax credit similar to the one axed last spring.

“We have money in place for the next season of Guardians. Past that, unless there is something put into place that is bankable and trustable in the eyes of the banks, we can’t stay here,” Dennis Jackson said.

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