31 Days of Ghosts: Zombies Revisited

30 Oct

Two days left in October, with tomorrow being the day of haunting, and I’ll end it off with two, yes two movies!


The title of this post speaks all about it.  The movies focus on Zombies.  And those Zombie movies are Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

I liked both.  Both were awesome movies and I can’t pick one over the other.  If you have to watch just one of those two movies, buck the system and say “I’ll watch both!”.  Both movies are funny, both have a lot of action, both have really interesting characters, and, of course, both have zombies.

In Zombieland, we’re introduced to Columbus, who is the narrator of the piece.  He begins with his Rules of Zombieland.  Of which there’s a lot.  Seriously.  There’s a list.  Columbus eventually meets up with Tallahassee.  Tallahassee, as we learn is in the zombie killing business, and “business is good”.  Following the hapless pairs adventures for a while until we meet up with Wichita and Little Rock.  The latter which happen to be a couple of successful con artists.

Eventually, the four join forces to fight the zombie apocalypse, and become fast friends.  Yeah, the movie’s not terrifying, but it’s good fun.  End of story.

Also good fun is Shaun of the Dead.  Believe it or not, it’s also a romantic comedy.  As the zombie apocalypse becomes worse, Shaun and his friends have to come to grips with several truths as they attempt to hole up and wait out the apocalypse inside their (at least Shaun’s) favourite watering hole.

Both movies have a great deal of zombie kills, though Zombieland scores big in that area.  Both have lots of laughs, though that tip goes more to Shaun of the Dead.  If you have to watch one or the other, say screw it and watch both.  The only question left is which to start with.

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