Oh winter, how I hate thee

30 Jan

The standard gear for walking in -31 Celsius weather.

The standard gear for walking in -31 Celsius weather.

I really hate it when the world seems to be against me.  Not people, persay, but situations.  Where everything lines up correctly to give me a big kick in the nards.

Yesterday, the temperature dropped considerably during the day, and by the time I was ready to go home from work, it’s was -24 Celsius.  And my car wouldn’t start.  I had no other choice but to walk home.  Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly dressed for it.  And thank goodness that long hair can actually help keep your ears warm, though a toque would have been really nice.

So this morning, knowing I’d have to walk again, I got ready.  Parka, scarf, toque, heavy gloves, the whole bit.  Of course, not having walked much in winter, my nasal passages were accosted by the odor which I at first thought was burning.  Fortunately, reason kicked in and reminded myself that no it is in fact exhaust fumes.  They rather stink.

My plan was to get my car boosted, drive home and pick up the extension cord, plug it in while I’m getting the newspaper mail out ready, giving it a start to get her warmed up.  That plan has also involved going to get the front tire filled because it’s flat.  Guess I’ll need new tires soon.  And that on top of the fact I need to look into getting a new computer for myself.

I suppose that all goes hand in hand with being an adult and having to pay for things.  Something I should have actually realized several years ago.  And to top everything off, I’ve also been looking at buying a home.  I think it’s mostly because I want a companion, and while I’m not looking for a roommate, nor am I currently having any amorous affections toward anyone, I’d very much like to have a cat.

I guess just one step at a time until that happens.  Maybe I’ll finish writing Rocket Fox just for the sole purpose of getting my car fixed.

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