19 Feb


It’s odd how things work out. Yesterday my computer died. I thought “alright, time to hook up my laptop” and thus, my laptop became my main computer.

Oh, I’ll still get another desktop, it’s all good that way. It was one of the things I had reluctantly decided upon. But life is interesting that way, how we’re forced into a situation, whether we want to do it or not. I know my computer dying is a poor example, but it was the thing that reminded me of that.

It also reminded me that things we say we’ll never do, often turn out happening. I mean, we’ll eventually do something and it becomes second nature for us, as though we’ve been doing it all along. Like this post, for example. Typed and sent from my phone.  So it does come as a slight shock when I open up the editor in wordpress, thinking I typed a novel only phone and only see a few lines, not even 150 words in length.  I guess my thumbs aren’t that good after all.

Essentially, we change, we pick up new habits, whether reluctantly or with a renewed sense of purpose.  Sometimes we’re embarrassed about the fact we railed against something for so long.  But it’s all a part of life.  This about computers is probably the smallest part of that life.

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