Thursday morning random times

13 Jun

Technically, all of these appeared last night on Tumblr, so this could be Wednesday late night random times.  But that’s just semantics.

NOOOO!  Why does every stinkin' image search for Saskatchewan vs Ottawa have to bring up this image!  The Green Riders beat Ottawa in '66!  Why the photo with Tony Gabriel.

NOOOO! Why does every stinkin’ image search for Saskatchewan vs Ottawa have to bring up this image! The Green Riders beat Ottawa in ’66! Why the photo with Tony Gabriel.

Stanley Cup

So Chicago won game one of the Stanley Cup final in triple OT.

Does that mean that they played game 2 as well already?

Rough Riders – Redblacks

Ottawa has a team in the CFL again.  Yay!  Ottawa fans hate the Saskatchewan Roughriders for boycotting the use of the name Rough Rider for the new Ottawa team.  Okay, I know that there’s tradition with there being two teams named the Riders.  But seriously… suck it!  We’re the Riders.

You can be the Redblacks.

Also, friday the Riders (that’s Saskatchewan… see how much easier it is with only one team named the Riders) are in Edmonton for the first preseason game for both teams.  Saskatchewan’s first game of the season is June 29.

The XBox One

With all of the talk about the Xbox One and the very negative news coming out about the console, it’s really getting me to think that the next computer I buy is a Mac, not a PC.

There’s only one problem, and that’s running my PC games.  I’ll have to look and see if Star Trek Online, Champions Online and Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 work under a Mac OS.

Grabbin’ the merch

Something amazing about football in this province is this.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are one of only two publicly owned franchises in professional sports, and play in the second smallest market in North America.  The other publicly owned team and the smallest market in North America happens to be the Green Bay Packers.

The Riders also have the largest merchandise sales in the CFL, with figures that are comparable to the best selling NFL team merchandise.  Saskatchewan’s merchandise sales are the third highest in Canada, trailing only slightly behind the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.

And yes, I’m excited for the 2013 CFL season to start, seeing how the Grey Cup will be in Regina, Saskatchewan this year.

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