Ah, September

12 Sep


September is one of those months where you never really know what’s coming.  When the month comes around, it’s heralded as autumn, but that doesn’t happen until the end of the month (a few short days after International Talk Like a Pirate Day).  It’s the month after August where summer is still alive.

Sometimes, September is suddenly cold, with the temperature dipping close to the freezing point over night and not getting much warmer during the day.  Other times September is mild and warm and gives you a feeling of summer and some hope that winter will be equally mild and kind.

But then there are times when September is sort of all over the map.  Cold during the evening, hot during the day.  Sometimes it rains heavily, sometimes there’s strong wind, sometimes there’s thunderstorms, and sometimes there’s even snow.  That last is the one I dread the most, due to my dislike of winter.

This September has been slightly odd.  It’s cool in the mornings and gets warmer as the day goes on.  It doesn’t really help for determining what to wear, that’s for sure.  Oh, it could be sweater weather because it’s cool in the morning, but by mid afternoon the sweater is way too hot.  Or it could be a light shirt and jeans weather, and then you realize that its just a bit too cool for only a light shirt.

As an example, this morning the temperature was 3 degrees Celsius (around 36 F).  Not freezing point, but not exactly warm outside.  I’ll often sit on my balcony with my morning cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise (which for the past nine years both here in Humboldt and in Outlook, has been blocked by an apartment building/condo across the street), but this morning wasn’t shorts weather, it was time to drag out the sweat pants and put on a heavier shirt.  So I’m torn as to what to wear today.  I know it’ll get to about 23 Celsius, and tomorrow is predicted to get to 26, which is very warm.  But it’s the mornings that dictate what to walk to work in.

I guess its a light jacket at the very least.

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