The Girl at the Rock Concert

13 Oct

31 Days of Ghosts presents another story of mystery and terror.  Is it truth, urban myth, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Quebec has a lot of independent music, not unlike many other regions of North America.  All kinds of musical genre can be found within Quebec, complete with their own flair and take on it.

So it stands to reason that many independent artists would get together at certain venues and hold impromptu concerts.

Much like one that’s become an annual week long event in Montreal.

Held in a more industrial section of the city, several groups get together and hold what they call a safe house concert.  It’s a safe zone, for anyone from various backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, and so on.  This one concert is free to the many concert goers that show up, and often there’s a lot of homeless kids who end up coming to these events.  So much so that a local food bank has teamed with various artists throughout the province to make sure that street kids can get some food.  Donations are also accepted at this event, and in order to make sure everyone is safe and secure, a private security company donates their time to make sure nothing breaks out.

Years ago, when the concert began, some of the artists began noticing a girl who showed up for each and every event.  She stuck out because she was dancing to each performance, no matter if it was rap, R&B, pop, metal, or even the odd country musician that would show up.  Some of the bands noticed her every year they’d perform.  One year, one of the bands volunteered to do the final clean up and tear down of equipment.  A punk metal band from Notre Dame de la Salette, they were unique because they were primarily all female.  Only the lead singer was male.  But as they were tearing down, they noticed the girl who would appear at each venue, standing watching them.

One of the band members finally decided to walk over to her to say hi.  And that’s when the weirdest thing happened.  The girl looked up, her face seeming hollow and empty and said only one thing.  “He killed me here.”  And with that, she vanished.

The band members, while freaked out, tried to forget the incident.

Until they returned the next night.

There she was, dancing during each set.  Two of the members stuck around to help with tear down and clean up, and they both saw the girl.  And she again repeated the same thing before disappearing.

The next night, the final night of the week long event, the two band mates saw the girl again, dancing during a rap set.  But something changed in the girl as she seemed to sense something.  They noticed her attention turned toward one man, and she seemed to scream at him before disappearing.  Unsettled, the band mates waited until the show was over and again helped with the tear down, hoping the girl would show up again.

Which she did.  And this time they got more than just one sentence out of her.   The girl managed to show them a spot in the building, pointing to it.

The next day, they went to the police, having a very difficult time describing what they saw.  Eventually, they managed to convince the police to investigate, as they gave a description of a missing person case from twelve years earlier.  After a complete search, police found a shallow grave under the building where the body of a young woman was found.  A prostitute that had gone missing, who most believed just moved on.

Police continued their investigation, and eventually made an arrest.  Since the time of the conviction, the young woman has never been seen at that location again.

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