Tales of Six Gun & Sorcery: The Herald

12 Jun

The following is a short story to help give an idea of the motivations of each characters that appear in the Black Mask & Pale Rider series.  All will be written in the first person.  This one, Pania Alow.

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So ye want ta hear a story, aye.

Well, that depends on the type of story ye wish ta hear.  I’ve stories of dragons, knights in shinin’ armour, brave warriors who crossed the rockiest terrain, princesses an’ princes, kings an’ queens.

But I suspect that’s not what ye wish ta hear.  Ye be more interested in what I have ta say about myself.  Such a difficult thing, as the story teller always has a difficult time tellin’ her own story.  Though, a chance ta brag never hurt anyone.

Where ta begin…

I was born in the land with Many Names an’ No Names.  A massive island chain that lay in the middle o’ the ocean.  A meetin’ point for them who wish ta sail from Europa an’ Africa onto Turtle Island.  I was born to a pair o’ heralds who’s own stories are much richer than me own.  They were born in a place not of this one.  But o’ what we call man’s world.  On an island, much smaller than this one, called the Emerald Isle.

There are those who would say that the Emerald Isle is where pixies an’ elves an’ fae folk all came from.  But they’d be wrong.  We come from everywhere, every story, every culture.  The names may not sound the same, but we are the same, ta be true.

Fer meself, me goal has always been to seek out heroes, royalty, princes an’ princesses.  Especially the princesses.  I have me own dreams after all.

I collect stories.  I keep ‘em safe, an’ keep ‘em alive so we do not forget them.  Whether written down or spoken word.  An’ sometimes, on occasion, I too am a player in those stories.  For when ye look for those who adventure, many times ye will find adventure has found yourself.

Stories are important, they teach us things, an’ just history.  Morals, lessons, things that we need ta survive.  The stories an’ experiences o’ one could help another.

Me name is the Lady Pania Alow, chosen ta be a member o’ the Order o’ the Scarlet Rose.  But in truth, I am a Herald.

Now, what’s yer story?

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