The Miracle of Christmas

03 Dec

If you believe that the paintings in your local church that depict Christ as a white man, then you need to re-examine this.

Jesus Christ, born to a single mother, poor, and a father figure who’s only income was carpentry, was born in the Middle East.  A Jewish man born in the Middle East.  And, of course there are white Jews, there are thousands that live in Europe and North America.  But Christ was born before the famed Silk Road began taking merchandise from the Middle East to North Africa, India, China and even into Europe.  At this point, many Jews, Arabs, and North Africans began moving and settling in new regions.  This was done as well during the height of the Roman Empire, but often if anyone came back to the central location of the Empire, it would have been Rome, not the Middle East.

So if you’re miracle of Christmas is that Jesus Christ, a Jewish man born in the Middle east to a Jewish woman, is that he was white, then I have news for you friend.  You’re racist.

Jews in the Middle East, those who were born in that region all those thousands of years ago, are people of colour.  Even if they would have had relations with others, such as those of Arabic or North African or even Greek or Italian ancestry, they still are people of colour.

So trying to argue that Christ looked like some long haired version of Kenny Rogers or a young Chris Christopherson is complete bullshit.

You’re just a racist.  Unless you’re willing to learn.  If that’s the case, then there’s hope for ya.  If not, then you’re just a racist.

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One response to “The Miracle of Christmas

  1. JunkChuck

    December 10, 2014 at 11:32 am

    I think Kris Kristofferson IS Jesus. But not Kenny Rogers. Never Kenny Rogers.


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