Ah, February

02 Feb

Three important things come out of this month.  In order of importance; Black History Month, less than two months until spring officially arrives, and Valentine’s Day.  Which do you think will get the most publicity?

That’s right, the least important of the three!  Valentine’s Day, the day which survives no purpose other than feeding a massive commercial theme and wasting money on overpriced stuff.  The only good thing about Valentine’s Day this year is that it lands on a civic holiday in Saskatchewan, thus making it a long weekend.  That holiday is Family Day, by the way.

The most important in my list, Black History Month, will get a vague pass, have lots of people complain about it, and once the month is over, it will be forgotten.  Primarily because shitty people will go onto complain about International Women’s Day or Women’s Month or Native American History Month.  Because the people who bitch about Black History Month will complain about anything that isn’t white and male.

So, I know I’m a day late, but I’m going to attempt to dig up facts about black citizens of Saskatchewan and post them up, because history is fucking awesome!  So follow me during this month, as we avoid Valentine’s Day, look forward to the arrival of spring, and learn some hardcore facts and history about African Americans (and African Canadians) during the month of February.

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