Charleston; the shooter arrested

18 Jun

As quickly as it happened last night, it is now over.  Save for the trial.  21 year old Dylann Storm Roof was arrested by police suspected of shooting nine people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.  Security footage picked up Roof entering the church and later leaving, and picked up his getaway car.  The 21 year old Columbia native has a criminal history, and according to family members he never said anything racist.

Save for every time he made a racist joke.  Seriously, that’s what one family member said about Roof, that he’d make racist jokes but never anything “serious”.  Roof’s father bought him a .45 calibre pistol for his birthday, which is the suspected weapon used in the shooting.  Oh, and Roof was heard to have said “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” said Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of the church’s slain pastor.  As noted in the photo, Roof (pronounced “cough”) is wearing a jacket with the flags of two racist African nations.  Meaning when whites ruled.  The top flag is for the apartheid South Africa before 1994, and the bottom one is for Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.  Which hasn’t been Rhodesia since the 80s.  Which means Roof’s racism was taught to him, because both of those nations under white, racist rule crumbled before he was born.

This entire thing was about race, but right now the media is ponying up to apologize for him, making him out to be a saint when all he is is a terrorist.  A monster.  A murderer.  Roof entered a church, an hour or two from his home, with a gun, fully with the intent to kill people.  This is not the actions of a lone wolf, this is the actions of a sick and twisted segment of society that breeds monsters and killers and terrorists that will strike against citizens of their own country without remorse or feeling.

Not surprisingly, Roof was taken alive.  Unlike the recent killings of unarmed black men and women, Roof was carrying a gun and had already killed 9.  Maybe it would have been different had he been carrying cigarillos and Skittles.  As well, Fox News is spinning this as an attack against Christianity, instead of what it really is; a racist attack against black people by a racist himself.  This has nothing to do with this being in a church.  It has everything to do with some white racist monster who wants nothing more than to kill black people.  Or anyone else who isn’t white.

One can only hope that this psychopath rots in a dark cell for the rest of his life, and that his 15 minutes of fame are now over and we never hear his disgusting name uttered again.

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