There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 2

05 Jul

Last time, Shani and Pania, a pair of elves from the realm of Terkala, revealed themselves to Pyre Fierceshot, a charr with the Blood Legion.  They were the first elves to appear on Tyria.  Over 200 years have now passed, and the pair of elves have traveled on.

Well you who hail from Ontario
Know the tale of the Donnellys oh
Died at the hands of the mob that night
Every child and man by the old porch light

Jim Donnelly was no angel sure
But they burned his barn, broke down the door
Well the children cried while they killed old Jim,
then they killed his wife and turned on them

No judge, no jury, no hangman no
Justice In Ontario

Justice In Ontario, written by Steve Earle

November 14, 1863
South of Thief River Falls, Minnesota
250 years later

They’d finally caught up with them. Chased them to this shack, even after what they had shown them. They were still considered outlaws, wanted by the President for questioning. Shani Wennemein thought on that for a brief moment as she reloaded her Colt .45s and thought back to another time when she and Pania had been in a bind.

“Godsdammit,” she hissed. “We never had this tough o’ time out near Grothmore Wardowns.”

“Where the hell is that?” Abisayo shouted out as she fired three shots out the window at the Union soldiers.

“Place call Tyria,” Pania explained. “Charr would far more trustworthy ‘en humans.”

“Well, if we get out of here,” Wren, Shani’s sister, said with a hint of a smirk. She was younger, but still had as much fire as her older sister did.

“Thet might be the best situation,” Shani called out as she fired six shots at the soldiers readying a gatling gun. “I seen a shimmer up on the north side o’ the lake. We bust our tails ta the horses, we kin get the hell outta here without a scratch.”

“I’m game for that,” Abisayo said with a nod as she unloaded her pistols out of the window at the soldiers and began making her way to the back door of the shack. Wren and Pania followed, but leave it to Shani to leave a few biting words as they left.

“Hey Captain Williams,” Shani shouted as she let loose with a volley from her Colts. “Y’all done fergot ’bout the back door. We’re leavin’ these here United States, been a nice visit. We’ll tell all our friends ’bout the hospitality, though. Y’all have my word.” With that, she dashed out the back door to the horses.

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