There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 21

24 Jul

Last time, the young Flintlock began understanding the world around her and growing closer to her mother.  It wouldn’t be too much longer before the young cub would grow up.

You look so beautiful on a warm summer night
And the wind’s so beautiful on a hot summer night
Your voice it carries like the wave beneath the air
You look so beautiful on a warm summer night
Oh my yipee-yi-yipee-yi-yay
Oh my yipee-yi-yipee-yi-yay
Oh my yipee-yi-yipee-yi-yay
Oh my yipee-yi-yipee-yi-yay

lyrics from Beautiful Summer, as performed by the Northern Pikes

Flintlock loved it when they got to go to Lion’s Arch. She got to visit the other Charr cubs and play with them. She got an in right away when she told them that Shani was going to take her to the Black Citadel when she turned five. The other cubs seemed impressed. Even the Asura progeny asked all kinds of questions.

On this day, however, Flintlock took note that everyone was coming. Not just the usual trip that Shani and Abisayo would take. Or the one Unia would sometimes take (Flintlock loved those ones, because Unia would spoil her a great deal). But here was Flintlock, with all her aunts, her mother, and her grandmother, all making the trip to Lion’s Arch. Something was up.

They stopped at the small grave markers that had been set up the year before for Flintlock’s sire and mother. Wren said the appropriate things for a Charr who had passed on into the Mists. And they continued on into Gendarran Fields, and on into Lion’s Arch.

The group made the usual shopping and supply runs. But Flintlock noticed something. First, she was with Shani and Wren. Then, Abisayo, Pania and Unia joined them, and Shani and Wren went off to ‘take care of a few things’. Flintlock definitely knew something was up.

The truth came out when they stopped for a bite to eat.

“Ya know what day it is t’day, Flintlock?” Shani asked the cub. Flintlock thought for a moment, then shook her head. “T’day is the day that has been recorded as the day o’ yer birth.” Flintlock looked to each face to explain the significance. “It’s yer birthday.”

“An’, as such,” Pania said as she set a gift wrapped box in front of Flintlock. “It is a day filled with gifts.”

“It’s not traditional for Charr as such,” Unia said as she set her own small package down for Flintlock.

Flintlock watched as her mother, grandmother and each auntie set down a package in front of her. “These all… for me?” she asked nervously. She wanted to tear into each package, but held back not knowing what to do.

“All for you,” Abisayo said with a grin.

As though that was the signal to go, Flintlock picked up one of the smaller packages and tore into it. It was a leather bound journal and a package of pencils.

“Ta write down yer ideas or draw pictures,” Pania said. “Yer Iron Legion, ye’ll need a place ta write down yer ideas.”

Flintlock grinned and thanked Pania, then moved to the next package. A leather stitched jacket complete with beadwork from Unia. A set of tools and carrying belt from Abisayo. A cloak with a gold coloured clasp from Wren. A cub sized backpack to carry all of her things around in from Shani. Flintlock beamed with each gift opened. She wore the jacket and put on the cloak. Went through each tool and identified them correctly. Carefully put the journal and pencils into her backpack and set it in her lap.

As far as birthdays go, this was a pretty good one.

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