There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 25

28 Jul

Last time, Shani and Abisayo learned that the Valkyries, lead by Hildegaar Freyasdottir had come to Tyria with four of her soldiers.  Now they had to break the news to the others, along with spilling it that they were approached by the Order of Whispers.

Thor! Odin’s son
Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate
Your destiny awaits
Thor! Hlödyn’s son
Protector of mankind
Ride to meet your fate
Ragnarök awaits

lyrics from Twilight of the Thunder God, as performed by Amon Amarth

The Road Outside of Lion’s Arch

The ride out of Lion’s Arch was actually a rather quiet one. Shani and Abisayo didn’t say anything until they had passed by Applenook Hamlet. But it wasn’t either who began talking, it was Pania.

“Alright, ye two have been more quiet than ye normally are,” she said, pointing out the obvious that the others were thinking. “What happened when we were off visitin’?”

Shani and Abisayo looked to each other a moment, but said nothing. It was Flintlock, who was riding in Shani’s lap, who finally spoke. “It’s a secret, Auntie Pania,” she said in what could only be described as her best conspiratorial voice, the made a shush sound as if to emphasize it.

Pania stopped her horse, which caused everyone else to stop. Pania looked to Flintlock, then to Shani and finally to Abisayo. “You two got recruited by the Order of Whispers!” she said in a voice a little too loud.

“Fer cryin’ out loud, Girly Girl,” Shani said with a hush. “I don’t think they heard ya all the way out in Hoelbrak.” She sighed and looked to Flintlock. “It ain’t yer fault, baby, Abby an’ me were tryin’ ta find a way ta tell ’em. Guess yer way was best.” Flintlock grinned wide with this.

“Order of Whispers,” Unia said quietly. “What is that exactly?”

“An ancient order,” Pania stated with a huff. “They’re the oldest order an’ originated in Elona. As far as the Priory knows, they were tasked with keeping’ the Undead sealed beneath the sands in Elona few all eternity. This after the fall o’ Palawa Joko. It’s rumoured they now gather information in an attempt ta safeguard Tyria ‘gainst the dragons.”

“I’d say that sums it up,” Abisayo said with a nod.

“But do you realize,” Pania said with a wide smile. “With ye two in there…”

Abisayo quickly cut Pania off. “Pania. Honey. I love you. But we are not going to be spies for the Durmond Priory. We haven’t even fully accepted the invitation. Besides, there’s something else we need to take care of.”

Wren steered her horse to look directly to Shani and Abisayo. “It sounds serious. What is it?”

“We ain’t exactly one hundred percent sure,” Shani said with a light shrug. “All we do know fer certain is Hildegaar Freyasdottir has crossed the planar gates an’ entered Tyria with a small force o’ her Valkyrie.” The others felt a little unsettled. The Valkyries don’t cross planar gates unless they have an express need to do so. This was all very foreign to Flintlock.

“Does this mean we’re gonna have visitors?” she asked as she look up to Shani.

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