Work is going to be slow

08 Jun

No matter how busy it is today, work is going to feel like it’s dragging.

Especially that last hour, it always does that.

Partially, because today is Friday, and work days always seem to drag slowly on a Friday.  As an example, Tuesday was very busy and seemed to zip by quite fast (albeit in a rather hectic “we’ve gotta bust our asses” kind of way).  Today, however, I have a decent workload, nothing too stressful.  But there’s no urgency to get things done as there is on a Tuesday.  I’m merely getting them done so I won’t have them to do on Monday when I come back from work.

The other reason why today is going to drag by slowly, is because a game I’ve been waiting for to come out is having their second beta weekend beginning today.  I’ve preordered it, and I’m ready to play.  Granted, I’m at work still.  That game is Guild Wars 2.  I think the biggest reason I’m excited for it is because they have given the player the ability to jump.  Which is fine, but it makes a huge difference.  The other, much larger reason, is because it’s a fantasy setting game, where I can use pistols.  Okay, flintlocks, but still its a step.

The third, and final reason for today going by so so slowly is for the event that I mentioned earlier.  That being Saturday and something rather special that only comes around once a year.  Yeah, tomorrow’s my birthday.  Some might say “but Tim, you’re like old”!  And I’ll answer with (first) “Oh shut it” (and then) “Age is just a number, really”.  You see, I got over the fact I turned 40 two years ago (simple math, 40, two years ago, makes me 42, or soon to be).  I can’t wallow in some depressed mulch over the fact I’m turning older.  It’s just something that happens.  I’m 42!  It means I’m still alive!

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