New stuff in STO!

17 Jun

New stuff in STO (Star Trek Online)!  Which is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted anything in a while.

Left the game for a bit (from boredom, really), but decided to come back to it after seeing something new.

They added the race called the Ferasan.  Distantly related to the Caitians, the Ferasan are a more feral looking feline race.  Longer canine teeth, different fur colouring and patterns.  They are a playable race on the Klingon side of the game. Something nice about adding the Ferasan is that now the Caitians also have more additions for hair and fur patterns, so you can make some differences instead of just colour of the fur and eyes.

Displayed above is S’Returru (left) who is currently a captain in the KDF (Klingon Defense Force).  On the right is my main character, Vice Admiral M’iaa T’Chall, who up until recently was commanding the U.S.S. Lynx, an Odyssey Class starship for which the latest Enterprise is built for (U.S.S. Enterprise NCC1701-F).  But, the devs for STO released a new ship.

Thanks to efforts to match the Klingons with their carrier ships, the Federation has called out to other races to help match the intensity.  The Caitians answered, making the Atrox Carrier class ships available.


The Atrox is a larger vessel (a little longer than the Odyssey Class starship) and doesn’t have the greatest maneuverability.  However, it is powerful and has decent defensive capabilities.  But the Atrox’s main attribute is she is an aircraft carrier.


She comes complete with a large squadron of Stalker Class fighter craft.  So she’s basically a point and shoot, not fly in and take part in combat, though she does have her weapons banks.

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