Today, even more lazy than others

01 Aug

The newspaper was uploaded to the printer last night, and should be done sometime this morning before I begin the usual Wednesday afternoon grind of labeling all of the mailing labels onto 1200 news papers.

Today, there is only one small publication which we print inhouse that we have to do, and that’s already started.

Tomorrow, the delivery of this week’s issue begins, and once that’s done at around 9:00 in the morning (or perhaps 9:15) then the holidays begin.  Two glorious weeks off where I can do whatever I want.  Already I’ve been asked if I’d like to travel somewhere far off or take a vacation to some distant and exotic location.  But really, my holiday is what I want to do.

I hate driving, really.  I hate getting into my car and driving for an hour or two to get to some destination.  Driving stresses me out.  As for going down to some far off place, like Scotland (because I’ve always wanted to), or the tropics, or go as far south Florida or some other place where it’s supposed to be warm all year round.  Well, I’m not into that mostly because it would be much better off to fly to some place like that.  And quite frankly, I hate flying.  I am deathly afraid of getting onto an airplane.  And I’m okay with that.

Also, I never understood why someone would want to go to a hot climate when it’s just that way here.  It’s been really warm (though some days have been sweltering) and an all around awesome summer.  Wouldn’t you want to wait until winter before heading south?

I’m also debating about getting a new laptop for myself.  Replacing my old one and getting a brand new one to act as my lone computer, and set up my desktop computer as a sort of entertainment center.  Games, movies, music, all in one location.

That might be something to look into during my two weeks off.  Along with writing and other such things.

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