Oh the tragedy! …not really, though.

25 Jan

One of many ladies who has a great deal of style and grace.

One of many ladies who has a great deal of style and grace.

So, I guess a large number of people who like to get offended at things became offended by something during President Obama’s Inauguration.  It was that Beyonce actually lip synced the Star Spangled Banner, and didn’t actually sing it.

First of all, really?  This is a thing now?  This is what we have to complain about in this world?  This is the trivial type of thing that warrants attention when we have things like Idle No More, drones dropping bombs in populated areas of Pakistan just to kill one target, people losing their homes, legislation which makes women no better than cattle, and this is the thing we all decide needs our attention and needs to be addressed.  Really?

To be honest, who cares.

In the worlds of Anderson Cooper of CNN, I defy anyone to get up in front of a crowd like there was during the Inauguration, outside, in 0 to +3 weather, which was obviously windy, and try to sing.  Her conditions were not perfect for singing, and had she performed live and screwed it up, it wouldn’t be about how she recorded it the night before and lip synced the next day, it would be about how she screwed up the Star Spangled Banner.

Even if she would have made a perfect performance, those who pointed out this ‘horrifying error’ about Beyonce lip syncing, then they would have found something else.  Because those who complain about the smallest of things will find anything to complain about.

Beyonce is a professional.  I assume this because, unlike me, Beyonce has a large number of albums to her name and has gone on various tours which include singing, dancing and other variety of entertainment that one would expect from a professional singer.  I have not done such a thing, nor could I.  However, I understand that Beyonce would be more aware of what conditions make for good singing, and that cold temperatures and wind, as it was in Washington D.C. that Inauguration day, do not make for good singing weather.  She obviously wanted to save her voice.  Unlike a skill that a writer might have, which is being able to write on paper or word processor, a singer that comes down with a cold or throat infection is down and out for the duration of the infection.  Colds, flu and infections can have long lasting effects on a person’s ability to sing as well, and I’m certain Beyonce was aware of this and took every precaution to protect her throat.
But no, there are those in the public who will find this to be the absolute worst thing on the planet.  Ever.  That Beyonce was no better than Milli Vanilli.  As Anderson Cooper of CNN pointed out in his program, there’s a big difference here.  Beyonce recorded the Star Spangled Banner and then may have lip synced it during the Inauguration.  Milli Vanilli just lip synced.  They didn’t sing.  Ever.  But those that would decry Beyonce for her ‘grievous error’ possibly lead very shallow lives and don’t watch the news very often.  Oh sure, Fox News, but then again, that’s not news, that’s propaganda.

In these cases, we, and by we I mean the royal we, because we all have some trivial thing that we complain about, have to sort out our priorities.  If Beyonce lip syncing the Star Spangled Banner is something which you feel needs to be complained about, then it’s time to re-evaluate your life.

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