A love of the wild west

12 Feb


Anyone who follows my tumblr or reads my ramblings over at wordpress will know quite well that I read a lot of different genres, but one of the genres closest to me happens to be the wild west.

dcnu-jonah-hex-largeJonah Hex was a comic that I read when I was a kid.  When the character went into a bit of a limbo at DC, there was no real outlet.  I did manage to pick up a few western style tales, which appeared either in Elseworlds format (such as Justice Riders) or issue 24 of Secret Six by Gail Simone.

I’ve often thought of doing a story, fanfiction of course, probably involving Jonah Hex, and most likely inserting my pair of elven gunslingers Shani and Pania, a.k.a. the Black Mask & the Pale Rider.  I’ve always liked the character of Jonah Hex and the simplistic tales of the old Showcase run.  Looking back, it was incredibly violent, even for it’s time.

Still, doing a Guns of Gotham with Hex, Shani and Pania would be kind of fun.

This all came back to memory as I was putting in an order for the All Star Western trades recently published in the DC New 52.

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