Monday mornings

04 Mar


The author, really stinkin’ tired, in his usual morning habit of a cap, bathrobe, and a cup of coffee not far away (trust me, it’s there).

Gah, so tired this morning.

I haven’t been getting a lot of good sleep lately, which kind of worries me.  I think tonight I’ll be visiting dreamland a little earlier than I usually do.  This morning is particularly tiring, even for a Monday.

I think it’s partially due to the white stuff outside that just won’t go away.  For instance, yesterday it snowed, and there was blowing snow.  It wasn’t overly cold, about -3 Celsius, but it was still horrid.  I’ve seen this white stuff for long enough, I’m completely done with it now.

This tired feeling has affected other things as well, like my writing, or any motivation, really. There’s some things I do on automatic, like laundry, house cleaning and whatnot, but stuff I want to do, that gets neglected somewhat.  Hopefully, warmer weather and less snow will help change that.  Maybe some time under a UV lamp and a little extra sleep (not at the same time, mind you) will help.

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