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I don’t often take a stab at fanfiction, I’ve got too many different characters running around my head as it is and sometimes it’s difficult to prevent them crossing over.  But from time to time I’ll get an idea for a property already out there.  Like Star Trek.

I wrote one Star Trek fanfiction over fifteen years ago.  I crossed it over with Hawkworld from DC Comics, where I had Hawkman and Hawkwoman meet each incarnation of Trek up to that point.  Obviously, they didn’t meet up with Archer and crew in Star Trek Enterprise (had the show been around, though, I just might have).  It was a long effort, my longest writing up to that point, and I finished it.  However, I have no idea where the copy is now, so no, unfortunately, I can’t share it with you.

Since then, however, I’ve developed a new idea in Trek, based on characters I created in Star Trek Online.

The crew of the Ocelot

The crew of the Ocelot

The idea is based on a completely Caitian crew (the feline species in Star Trek) Captained by M’iaa T’Chall (she is the short one in the above picture).  I’ll also be adding in my Klingon Defense Force character, S’Returru, who isn’t Klingon but Ferasan.  Ferasan is the other feline species in Trek, and they are rather hostile to their Caitian cousins.

The idea came about that since J. J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek, one would think that the Temporal Investigators would have a field day attempting to fix all of the timeline irregularities.  Usually they’ll recruit different Starfleet or other members to help fix the problems in the timeline (seeing how most often the ones trying to fix things are Starfleet officers from the 30th Century, they’d probably pick Starfleet officers).  In the case of what took place in the events of Abrams’ Star Trek, Temporal Investigations wouldn’t require one person, they’d need an entire crew.  Fortunately for them, of the events that created the alternate universe there were four constants.  Meaning, as time progressed, there were always four events that took place in each timeline.  Those four events were the destruction of Romulus, the disappearance of Ambassador Spock, and the crews of two vessels, one Starfleet another a stolen Klingon Raptor escort ship.  The first ship is the U.S.S. Ocelot, captained by M’iaa T’Chall.  In each timeline, she will captain the Ocelot, and her crew will be 100% Caitian.  The second ship is called the I.K.S. Tigris, and is captained by a Ferasan by the name of S’Returru.  Her crew happens to be 100% Ferasan.  But in each timeline, those four constants always take place.

So Temporal Investigations recruits them in order to ensure the timeline continues as it should.  The goal of the crews of each ship is to find a difference in the timeline, and fix it.

The initial setup is three chapters that will read exactly the same, with small difference.  The Ocelot will encounter the Borg/Tholians/Iconians.  They will chase down one of the fleeing ships to discover it’s attacking the Tigris.  As the two crews realize who each other is, a third ship will arrive which they cannot recognize.  That set up happens three times, until the fourth chapter will reveal the ship is a timeship, with the goal of recruiting the Ocelot and the Tigris.

So that’s the plan in a nutshell for a little bit of fanfiction.  Just because the idea is there.

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