Star Trek Online and the hat tips

26 May

Star Trek Online released the Legacy of Romulus pack for the MMO.  I’ve played through it, and it’s actually quite good.  There are some issues, and some things that I think Cryptic went a bit over board with.  Before going through some of it, however, there’s one thing I wanted to mention about the game that’s really quite good.

The developers of Star Trek Online have done an excellent job of giving homage to what has come before.  They’ve taken into account that Romulus was destroyed in the 2008 movie, and have used that to weave an interesting world (or universe).  From the fact that Leonard Nimoy does some of the voice over as you cruise from sector of space to sector of space, to the fact Denise Crosby was brought back to reprise her role as Sela (and Natasha Yar in one mission).  They aren’t the only ones, mind you.  Chase Masterson also reprises the role of Leeta, mind you as a hologram that hosts the Dabo tables as a part of Dabo from Quark Enterprises.  From Deep Space Nine to Drozana Station, Leeta can be found with a Dabo wheel.

It’s not just the actors reprising roles.  It’s also the characters that are mentioned.  Worf is standing in the courtyard of the First City on Qo’nos   The character of D’Tan is the new political head of the Romulan Republic, and D’Tan was a character in Season Five of The Next Generation, the very well known two parter that saw Spock going to Romulus to discuss and investigate Reunification.  D’Tan showed Spock a book and a set of toys with the Vulcan language written on the sides.  There’s even a mission which has Bones and another that has Scotty, both in the past on an old Drozana Station.

But that’s not the end of it.

Many of the accolades that players can get point to many different famous lines throughout Trek.  He’s Dead Jim.  Crossing the line.  Neutral no more.  And many other accolades that call back to every single episode of Trek.

Now, with the introduction of the Legacy of Romulus, there’s more.


As a Romulan, the player is introduced to a population trying to find a new home after the destruction of their homeworld.  These are the surivors of that catastrophe.  But they won’t be so fortunate as they are hounded by Empress Sela and the Tal Shiar, who believe what they are doing is the best for the Romulan people.  The player plays as a Romulan who is thrust into the conflict, and must make certain choices, even going so far as to align themselves with the Klingons or the Federation.

Right from the get go, there’s a major difference, as this new Romulan Republic has shrugged off the old uniforms of the past and taken up a fresh start.  The player’s ship can even have Remen crew members aboard (and, players can also play as a Remen).  The missions are interesting, which follows a conspiracy that the Tal Shiar is leading.  Even to the point where the player is indoctrinated by the Tal Shiar and Empress Sela (one of the accolades for completion is called “There Are Four Lights” which harkens back to the TNG episode where Picard was held captive by Cardassians).


There are a great number of episode missions that the players can go through, before they embark on the episodes that are based on their alignment.  Romulans who ally themselves with the Federation go through the usual Federation missions, and Romulans who ally themselves with the Klingons will go through the Klingon set (in some cases, they are the same, such as the missions set on Deep Space Nine and the ones on Defera).

Just like the ships available to Klingon and Federation players, many of the Romulan ships are familiar.  From the old warbirds from the original series, to the massive D’Deridex Warbirds seen in the Next Generation, along with some new designs based on what has come before.  Sadly, there is only one bridge option at present for the Romulan ships, something that may change in the future.


There’s a few more updates as well.  Players who want a Klingon Defense Force character will now get the option to play from level 1 instead of level 20 as before.  This opens up a few more mission possibilities.  There’s also new UI updates, which make the game look a lot cleaner than it did before.

Plus, there’s promises of more of the same in the future, with the opening of the Cait homeowlr (home to the feline like Caitians as seen in the animated Star Trek series, when they introduced M’Ress), as well as the Trill homeworld, and even making the faction for the Cardassians available.

With all of this coming out, Star Trek Online is in good shape.

Now, it’s only hopeful that Cryptic can treat its other properties in Champions Online and Neverwinter just as well.

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