Settled in

16 Aug

After a long three days of moving, driving, packing, cleaning, it’s all done.


I’m now set up in my apartment, and today is my first day of work at my new job.

This weekend I’m planning on going around town and taking a few pictures of things that interest me, and things that look really cool.  I’ve already got a couple of things in mind, such as the old post office which is now the museum, the provincial court house that has a small park beside it, and a few other places around town.

It’s exciting, and hopefully this move will not only give me new challenges at work, but sort of give me a kick start to my creativity and help with my writing.


Speaking of which, my office is set up in a good location.  It’s in the spare bedroom and it was great that I got fixed for wireless Internet.  I’m not bound to making sure my computer is near an outlet.

I’m also quite happy with my book layout, and will be getting some added help from my father with setting up a shelving system that better displays my books.  Plus I have an area where I can have a TV and DVD player set up.  Which, after looking in the local flyers, I think I’ve found a decent one that I’ll pick up at some time.


As you can see, the space for a TV is already set, I just need to get some things organized. And get a TV.

All in all, I’m excited about my new place, this new city and this new job.

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