Tiny Hand Prints

11 Oct

Aurora Borealis, St. Louis, Saskatchewan

31 Days of Ghosts presents a story of mystery and terror.  Is it real, urban myth or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Not far from the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan there is a small town called St. Louis.  St. Louis already has a very famous ghost story of the ghost train, also known as the St. Louis Light.  But not far from the town there is another haunting which is most mysterious and quite horrifying.

In the town’s youth, several decades ago, there was a convent not far from St. Louis.  It is said that one of the nuns became pregnant, but instead of realizing the obvious, the other nuns believed the birth to be the work of the Devil himself.

Instead of aborting the fetus, the nun was allowed to carry the child to term.  She gave birth, but wasn’t allowed to look at the child.  In secret, one of the nuns took the baby to a well and threw it down, leaving it to die.

Many years had passed an there was no word about the pregnancy, the child or anything else.  But as small towns go, there are rumours, and it was often said something strange had happened at the convent involving one of the nuns.

Many years passed and the convent shut down, eventually all the buildings were torn down, and even the well was filled in.

But something remains.

The convent wasn’t far from the highway, and passers by can still park on the area and explore.  It is said that should someone do just that, they’ll return to their vehicle to find something very strange.  Along the car, at about the place where only a child could touch, it’s said that a person would find very tiny hand prints all along their vehicle.  These hand prints are often found near the rear of the car, especially along the bumper.

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