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10 Oct

We’re gonna pay for that

That’s a comment I’ve heard a lot from people when it comes to weather.  I’ve even said it myself.  We have a nice June.  We’re gonna pay for that come January.  We have a nice October.  We’re gonna pay for that come December.  But you never hear the opposite of that.  You never hear how we’re going to have a nice January because we had a really shitty March.  Like we had this year.

This year, we also had a nice summer.  It was hot, it lasted well into September, and even fall is great.  The weather is cool, but it’s not miserable.  But now, people are saying, we’re gonna pay for that.  That’s just the thing, though.

We already did!

We had a really shitty March, and an equally shitty April.  We set records for the amount of snowfall in March within the first half of the month.  March had more snow in this province than the entire winter combined.

So really, this is our due.  We’re getting a nice autumn because mother nature shit on us back in March.

The high cost of living

It’s quite an eye opener, but I’ve sort of been given a rather unique perspective on the differences in expenses between Outlook and Humboldt.  First, let me give a detailed list of the differences between the two communities.


  • pop. around 2500
  • on Highway 15, a tertiary highway in the province
  • close enough to Saskatoon, but far enough away to not be a bedroom community
  • Number of 24 hour stores: 0
  • Number of stores that stay open until 9:00 pm throughout the week: 1.
  • major tourist attractions: Lake Diefenbaker (accessible throughout spring and summer), Dakota Dunes Casino (open year round); Dakota Dunes golf course (open during regular golfing season).
  • main economy: agriculture


  • pop. around 6500
  • on Highway 5 travels east and west through Humboldt; Highway 20 travels north and south through Humboldt; both highways have a great deal of traffic
  • close to Saskatoon, but not close enough to be a bedroom community; doesn’t need to be, it’s classed as a city in Saskatchewan
  • Number of 24 hour places: 10.
  • Number of stores that stay open until 9:00 throughout the week: a couple dozen.
  • major tourist attractions: Humboldt Broncos SJHL franchise; within driving distance of several lakes; within driving distance of several provincial parks.
  • main economy: agriculture, minerals and mineral resources

This all adds up to something rather interesting.  Thanks to the increase in population and the convenience around Humboldt, the price of housing is drastically different.  When I lived in Outlook, a two bedroom apartment went for $570 a month.  Here in Humboldt, it’s on average $725 a month.  And to purchase a house is nothing to sneeze at.  Average prices for a two bedroom bungalow in Outlook run about $150,000.  Here in Humboldt, the average sits around $300,000.

It’s gonna be a while before I look at buying a house.  And you never know, by that time I might have to move again.

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