The Tower of London

21 Oct


31 Days of Ghosts Presents a story of mystery and terror.  Is it real, myth, or a complete fabrication?  You decide.

Mention the Tower of London and many will agree this is a place filled with mystery and tragedy.

Today the tower is known as Her Royal Majesty’s Palace and Fortress and lies on the north bank of the River Thames in London.

The tower has it’s ghosts, including that of Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded in 1536 for treason against Henry VII.  It is said her ghost walks the halls of the tower with her head clutched under her arm.

Other ghosts include Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole and the Princes of the Tower.

In 1816 a sentry guard outside the Jewel House claimed to see the apparition of a bear advancing on him.  He died of fright several days later.  In 1817, a glowing, tubular apparition was said to be seen in the Jewel House by the Keeper of the Jewel Crown Jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte.  He reported the apparition hovered over the shoulder of his wife, leading her to exclaim “Oh Christ!  It has seized me!”

Several other faceless apparitions have been seen by the night staff at the tower as well.

The tower served as an important location throughout the history of the United Kingdom, as controlling it meant controlling the country.  It has been besieged many times, and also served as a prison and a place of execution.

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