Maps and Black Mask & Pale Rider

10 Dec

the gathering place

This map is the main map for the home nation that Shani, Pania, Wren and Abisayo come from (in truth, Abisayo was born in West Africa, in what is now Nigeria, before the Yoruba elves escaped through the gates to the elven world).  This large island nation has many names, and no names.  Loosely translated from many languages, it is called the Gathering Place or the Meeting Place.  Gaul elves call it Le lieu de rencontre; Irish Celtic elves call it An Áit Cruinniú; Creole elves call it Mete nan Reyinyon.  There are even names in Haida, Mohawk, Cree, Prussian, Greek and Egyptian.  What they all mean is a place of peace and contentment.

The islands rest in the center of the massive Sea of Seven Bridges, between the continents of Turtle Island, Europa and the Dark Continent.  From north to south, the islands are 115 miles, and from east to west, they are 130 miles.

Many different cultures have settled the islands, some intermarrying (as was the case with Shani and Wren’s parents, their father was Gaul and their mother Mohawk).  Haida populate the Kanata Island area, as they have formed several fishing villages.  A Prussian monk opened a monastery on what would become Muenster Island and has become home to several hundred who come to the center of philosophy and learning of the island nation.  Many Gaul settlers homesteaded from Pont Magique in the north to the village of Overbrook.  Pont Magique is the center of arcane arts where wizards and sorcerers will go to hone their skills or learn more of the ways of the magical arts.  Brockton was settled by Irish Celtic settlers and began as a farming community, but eventually became home to an educational center for the arts.  Twice a year, at harvest and seeding, and coinciding with the graduation and entrance of new students from the college, there is the Brockton Festival.  A two week long festival to celebrate the harvest (or planting) and to celebrate story and song.  Dignitaries from around the elven world flock to Brockton during the festivals, shaing their own arts, culture and food during the two weeks.  Droichead Cloch is the capital of the islands, and the main port of call.  Here, there are many different sections of the city where settlers have taken to call home.  From Yoruba to Mohawk to Gaul to Irish.  To the west of the main island is Rock Shoal Island, a rugged place with few inhabitants.  Most are fishermen, and a few tend to the lighthouse duties of the northern and southern lighthouses.  On the north west tip of the main island is the Drum, home to the Mohawk and Cree settlers.  The Mohawk have taken to watching over the forest areas, while the Cree settled further south and took up farming and cattle ranching.

As for Shani, Pania, Wren and Abisayo… Pania lives in Brockton, where she was born and where she went to the College of Arts and Bardic Knowledge.  Abisayo has moved to this nation as well, to be with Pania (though, she still travels back to the Yoruba lands as she is the first daughter of the Royal Family).  Shani has a small cabin just north of Brockton, on the Merchants Road that leads to Overbrook.  When Wren needs a place to rest, she either stays with her sister, Shani, or with her mother at the Drum (or at Pont Magique where their mother is Headmistress of the College of the Arcane).  However, Wren travels a great deal throughout the world, as such with her duties as a Consoler.  She does have a small house in Droichead Cloch, not far from the main cemetery of the city, where she will tend to her duties there when she is not traveling.

The island nation has a small military force made up of what are called the Patrollers.  They will keep the peace along the roads and in the different towns and villages.  They are the only military and police force in the elven world that does not have a standard uniform, as members of this group consist of many different cultures, each of whom has their own brand of armour and weapons that they use.  Each member of the military is taught tactics and strategy based on the experiences of each culture, and all are instructed in the use of many different style of weapons, though each member will gravitate toward something familiar.

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