Heroic League: Canad-ARMED bio

16 Dec

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting biographies that will be included in the Heroic League Project page.


Canad-ARMEDReal Name: Not Applicable
Born: created mid 2006, Vancouver, British Columbia
Affiliations: Stewart Industries
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 260 lbs
Powers: Multi defensive capabilities, invulnerability, flight, GPS Unit, multi language conversational mode
Current residence: between Vancouver, British Columbia and Windsor, Ontario
Canad-ARMED, or Ari as she/he likes to be called, is the creative collaboration between Donelda Stewart of Stewart Industries and Nikki Hargrove, an engineer from Windsor, Ontario and the daughter of Richard Hargrove, the first Yellow Jacket. Donelda wanted to create a android that could be issued for emergency response purposes and be able to enter hazardous situations.
Ari has a personality all her/his own. Ari does not have a gender outside of two chassis that are used as armour plating for the main components for Ari’s systems. One appears male and the other appears female. Ari will often choose which one to appear as on different days. Ari also has come to calling Nikki and Donelda ‘mother’.

More biographies coming soon.


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