Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek

11 Jan


Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek |

So, there is this story making the rounds where Paul Dini on a podcast explains why execs do not want female viewers for their super hero shows. There’s a link in the resources below. But the gist of it is basically “Girls do not buy our merchandise.” Sounds horrible right? People are shocked! Yeah, well, it’s worse then you think.

Here is the reasoning, that drive execs and marketers to pro-actively exclude women from their audiences and to pro-actively encourage a culture in which women do not feel welcome.

This is why we can’t have nice things… or can we?

This is an excellent article about marketing and how it’s often seen to be better to exclude demographics than it is to be inclusive.  A lot of this discussion began after Paul Dinni, one of the creators of the classic Batman Animated Series, revealed that TV execs don’t want girls watching their super hero shows.

For more on that, here’s a link.

Paul Dini on why execs don’t want girls watching their superhero shows.

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