The Riders Four

24 Feb

A hand that was quick
A flash and puff
With a dragon did she spy

She’d be one with night
On a horse so fine
She’d never stop to question why

An elf so bold
With dagger and pistol
That’s Black Mask, they would cry

With shot and shell
And Horse did ride
She raised her rapier high

A voice so clear
And a wink and nod
Her siren’s call was nigh

A missed calling
A confused lore
Pale Rider was just a lie

With inherited longsword
All dressed in black
She’d comfort by and by

A kind smile
To those who knew her
All sorrow from her would fly

Half first nation
Half Gaul
The Black Knight was one quite sly

A people saved
Though little too late
With blades risen high

A black skinned maid
With royal blood
Took up the rally cry

To sail the seas
And set those free
A goal set, she’d at least try

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Posted by on February 24, 2014 in Black Mask and Pale Rider, Writing


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