The Road

26 Feb

One step
Two steps
Three steps, four
You never know unless you open your door

Five steps
Six steps
Seven steps, eight
Move forward, there’s no time for debate

Nine steps
Ten steps
Eleven steps, twelve
All your worries, just have to shelve

Thirteen steps
Fourteen steps
Fifteen steps, sixteen
Oh the wonderous sights as yet unseen

Seventeen steps
Eighteen steps
Nineteen steps, twenty
Adventure is nigh, there is so much plenty

Twenty-one steps
Twenty-two steps
Twenty-three, twenty-four
Find a friend, the adventure grows more

Twenty-five steps
Twenty-six steps
Twenty-seven, twenty-eight
Together you’ll find that you make your own fate

Twenty-nine steps
Thirty steps
Thirty-one, thirty-two
With patience and time, there’s so much to do

Thirty-three steps
Thirty-four steps
Thirty-five, thirty-six
Use your abilities, they’re more than just tricks

Thirty-seven steps
Thirty-eight steps
Thirty-nine, forty
Call on a third, embark on a sortie

Forty-one steps
Forty-two steps
Forty-three, forty-four
Walk down the road, there’s so much more

Forty-five steps
Forty-six steps
Forty-seven, forty-eight
There’s no need to worry, you’ll never be late

Forty-nine steps
Fifty steps
Fifty-one, fifty-two
With three there’s nothing you can’t do

Fifty-three steps
Fifty-four steps
Fifty-five, fifty-six
Find a fourth, make a rumbling upon the Styx

Fifty-seven steps
Fifty-eight steps
Fifty-nine, sixty
Sometimes the greatest thing needed is a tiny pixie

Sixty-one steps
Sixty-two steps
Sixty-three, sixty-four
What an adventure it was, when you return to your door

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Posted by on February 26, 2014 in Black Mask and Pale Rider, Writing


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