Art mirrors life… and predicts it

23 Mar

What’s strange is how very interesting it is how media like this, created by Alan Moore in the mid 1980s, made into a film in the late 90s, basically is predicting what is happening in the world.

There are those who follow the edict of using fear to control the masses. Just look at Fox News. Be afraid of Muslims, or African Americans (with strategic words such as “inner city men” used to foster that fear), or atheists, or lesbians, or homosexuals. It’s control at it’s core. Make those groups the targets and you suddenly control the masses and are able to continue ruling, so to speak.

In reality, it’s the right wing who are afraid. Afraid they’ll lose their control if they don’t have a target. They’ll lose their wealth, their standing and their power.

There’s been other films which showed the future in a relatively dark light; Running Man, The Dark Knight, Total Recall (the original with Schwarzenegger), and even RoboCop. What we laughed at is some of the things that have become real in our future. Just as the politics of corruption has become very real.

Sometimes, the fiction we consume isn’t that far off. And what we call escapism, is very dead on the money in mirroring what happens in the world. The biggest difference is, the public seems very much more aware of it.

EDIT:  Correction, the movie came out in 2006, not the late 90s.

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