Heroic League Project: Acadia Bio

24 Mar

Real Name:
Michelle Villeneuve
Born: March 13, 1986, Quebec City, Quebec
Affiliations: Blanc Noir (independent metal band)
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130 lbs
Powers: extensive martial arts training, gymnastic abilities, and the ability to play the drums with equal measure to Neil Peart from Rush.
Current residence: Montreal, Quebec
Ever since Michelle was a little girl, she was different.  She was very up front about the fact she liked girls, even when she was 8.  She also wrote poetry at an early age.  She was fixated on her look and gravitated heavily toward the goth scene in her early teens.  She was known as “the happy goth” and “the pretty goth”, and still holds to that to this day.
She became extremely happy when she met Dom, because not only did she find a friend, she also found someone she loved very deeply.  So much so, that she joined the band that Dom, Yves, and Jacqueline (two other high school friends) and became their drummer.  She studied intensely and began to imitate other well known drummers (the other three would comment that Michelle is trying to build as comprehensive a drum kit as Niel Peart from Rush).
It also was not a question that when Dom revealed she was Canadienne, that Michelle vowed to help her.  She trained with Dom, kept in touch via phone when Dom was patrolling, and eventually made her own uniform and began hitting the streets with Dom.
While it was met with some controversy with right wing media, Michelle and Dom don’t hide the fact that they are in fact lovers.  This has proven to be very positive for young LGBT Canadians.

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