Today is a day

14 Apr

Today is not exactly a great day.  It started off the same as usual, but on my way to work there grew this heavy weight, and I don’t know why.  I reminded myself of two things.  The first that today will be a busy day, as there is a lot to do.  So it should go by fast and I can be home well enough later this afternoon.  The second, this is a short week, so only four days of work and then three days off.  Today and tomorrow are busy, and if things go well, so are Wednesday and Thursday.

I’m looking forward to getting my income tax return.  Then I can get the plates on my car again and get it fixed (needs an oil change and some other minor work).  That’ll give me a bit more freedom and maybe I’ll go into the city on the weekends.  That won’t happen this weekend, but it should happen soon.

I’ve went and planned out what I want to do for my vacation time this year.  I’m going to spend it on the lake (or rather the beach) in Elbow.  Elbow isn’t that far from Outlook, and I went there a few times over the course of the nine years I lived there.

Time is an interesting thing.  When you’re comfortable and calm and quiet, in a good place and happy, it can move so fast.  Even when you’re not doing anything at all.  But when it seems stressful, uncomfortable, and nerve wracking, it can move so slowly.  My weekends and my mornings/evenings are like the former.  Everything else (unless I’m busy) are like the latter.  Maybe, hopefully, that will change in time.  I seem to recall my days being like that when I arrived in Outlook, but there was a lot of worry and doubt mixed in.

There was things I wanted to do this weekend.  Stuff I thought would be fun.  But I never got around to doing them.  I find there is a serious lack of motivation sometimes.

Today is a day, and this was random stuff.

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