Musical Tastes: The Go Go’s

17 May

The Go Gos- We Got the Beat (by <a href=””>Josh Rosa</a>)

The Go Go’s was a band I remember growing up.  It wasn’t until later in life I learned about the behind the scene stories of the drug abuse, alcohol addictions, and sex that the band went through.  How each member began hating each other from what began as five friends who wanted to put together a punk rock band and become rock stars.

The interesting dynamic between the Go Go’s and all male bands is interesting.  News reports of the band’s break up added into the fact that it was an all girl band.  But much of what they went through wasn’t any different than what bands like the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or even Van Halen went through.

Durgs, alcohol, sex, massive parties.  For men, that’s the norm, that’s all a part of the rock star life.  But for an “all girl band”, the Go Go’s had to put on this “girl next door” facade in order to sell records.

Each member was incredibly talented, but in the end, the each turned on each other.  Fortunately, years later, after battling their own inner demons, finding ways of coping, and even beating (for the most part) drug addictions, the Go Go’s still tour and pursue their own solo projects.  Although, there has still been some infighting.  Not nearly as bad as in the past, but Kathy Valentine and the Go Go’s finally went separate ways in 2013 when Valentine sued the other four members for breach of contract.

Belinda Carlisle had her own successful solo career.  Jane Wiedlin also had a moderate solo career, and had a few acting roles including appearances in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Clue and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  Being a Star Trek geek, Wiedlin created the band froSTed in 1995 (the capital ST paid homage to Star Trek), and currently she has created a comic book called Lady Robotika.

In 2010, the Go Go’s had planned a farewell tour, but this was cancelled when Jane Wiedlin injured her knee and required surgery.  The farewell tour never materialized, as the Go Go’s continue to tour to this day.

On a more personal note, the Go Go’s have always been a band which has followed me and my own musical tastes for years.  Even working at country stations, I’d have the Go Go’s to fall back on when I was inundated by George Strait, Travis Tritt, Alabama, and Garth Brooks.  From there, I started finding other similar bands like Elastica.  The Go Go’s have been a big part of the writing process for some of the work I’ve done, especially in what would eventually become The Heroic League Project.

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