The whole thing about MRAs

05 Jun


Look, it’s MRAs personified.

ok so all these guys who are like “men have it hard too!!! we’re expected to be manly and emotionless, we have feelings!!!” do realize that it’s other men who enforce those standards on guys. literally guys created those standards to be more powerful than women. so maybe instead of getting angry at girls for talking about their oppression, realize that you should be fighting with girls against unfair gender expectations and inequality  ~via this-tragic-affair

I sometimes get comments that I’m being overly generalizing when I make a small comment about MRAs (which from now on, is short for Misogynists Raging Absentmindedly… or something like that, someone can come up with something better).  I’m told that the language I’m using is harsh and I shouldn’t use such language to battle ignorance and bigotry.

Well, screw that.  I feel no problem with fighting fire with fire.  MRAs tend to use cyclical arguments, No True Scottsman, and try to play devil’s advocate when there’s no need to play devil’s advocate.  They’re given credence in media when they don’t even produce any viable solutions to problems that affect us all.  You know what group does; feminists.  I’m talking about all inclusive feminists, the ones who include trans men and women, women of colour, the plight of PSTD on inner city youth, the plague of stop and frisk laws, and stand your ground laws, the feminists who point out that while most talk about misogyny in rap music, they forget about the same thing in rock, pop, metal and country.  MRAs produce nothing, they don’t stage rallies, try to raise awareness, try to raise money, or try to combat actual problems that affect actual people.  Their entire existence is to shut up those who point out the incredible disparities and problems in society and attempt to make things safer for everyone.

I used to be ones of those idiots.  To be honest, if my current 44 year old self would meet my 22 year old self, I’d have a broken jaw because I wouldn’t be able to hold back the urge to punch my younger self in the face because of how stupid he/I was.

So no, I don’t feel that being polite to MRAs should be considered.  Get angry at them, make them feel small, make them feel stupid.  Do all of those things until they decide that it’s time to actually open their eyes and see, crawl out from under the rock they’ve been living in.

MRAs don’t deserve politeness.  Just like any other hate group.

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