Tales of Six Gun & Sorcery: The Consoler

16 Jun

The following is a short story to help give an idea of the motivations of each characters that appear in the Black Mask & Pale Rider series.  All will be written in the first person. This is Wren Wennemein.

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I was very young when I chose to become a Consoler.

It was at my father’s funeral.  He was killed defending our home from orc raiders who traveled across the ocean.  His funeral was held in accordance to Gaul tradition.  But the Consoler who came to assist with the ceremony included Mohawk rituals as well.  This amazed me.  Because the man who came was a tall, powerful looking Nordician.

His name was Tefler Heldrasson.  He had long, blond hair, tied back neatly and carefully.  Even the hair on his chin was braided.  He carried a great axe on his back, and his armour was black with gold highlights.  His arms and face showed his tattoos that told the story of his young life.  He looked like he could uproot a tree with his bare hands.  They were larger than my head.

But I remember taking his hand, mine swallowed up in his, disappearing so quickly.  I remember he was so kind and caring, his voice was soft and quiet.  He spoke to mother, then he spoke to Sywyn, Shani and then myself.  I remember the care he took when he spoke to us.  He just seemed so loving and caring.  We talked for hours about my father.

I made it known not long after that I wished to be a Consoler.  That I wished to do that what Tefler did for us.  At first, it was believed to be a flight of fancy, but eventually, my wishes became much more serious.

I went far away, across the ocean to the desert library where Consolers are taught.  We are taught to fight, taught to read, taught to speak many different languages.  And we are taught the funeral rights of many different cultures.  Presently, I can speak sixteen languages, and have knowledge of eight different cultures.

When I graduated, I was presented with my father’s sword.  A blade of battle, forged to uphold honour.  It would now be used as a symbol of caring and healing.

I am Wren Wennemein, youngest of three, daughter of Unia and Oliver.  I am a Consoler.

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