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01 Oct

Several months ago I made an entry giving a fancast of the book I’d written and the series I’m rebooting which gave faces to the names of the four elven characters.  I’ve recently been told that my choices may be a bit too old (which is rubbish, each of those choices is around the same age or slightly younger than I am, so I kinda take offense to that).

However, because of such things I decided that it might be fun to update the list with younger actresses to play the roles of the four gunslinging elves.  In order of appearance:

Shani Wennemein


My choice for the role of the bullish and often times stubborn gunslinger and shadow walker, is Cara Gee.  Cara Gee was born in Calgary and is no stranger to stage and screen.  She was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for her role in the film Empire of Dirt and this fall stars as Kat Loving in the CBC drama Strange Empire.  A western set on the Alberta/Montana border, Loving attempts to seek revenge against her husband’s killer.  Cara would fit in well as the elven gunslinger, Shani Wennemein, who has a pragmatic and straightforward ideal of right and wrong.

Pania Alow


My choice for the swashbuckler and herald, Pania Alow, is Natalie Dormer.  A well known actress for such roles as Anne Boleyn in the series The Tudors, Irene Adler/Jamie Moriarty in Elementary, and Margaery Tyrell in the series Game of Thrones.  She also plays the role of Cressida in the Hunger Games movie series.  Having played several roles which involves an outward confidence and even sarcastic attitude, Natalie would pick up the role of Pania quite well.

Wren Wennemein


For the role of Wren, my choice is Tonantzin Carmelo.  A graduate of UC Irvine, her acclaimed stage roles include Anita in Exmagare, Christina Khalo/Paula in Frida Khalo, and multiple characters in Malinche. She is in national commercials and starred in the feature film King Rikki with Jon Seda and Mario López.  She is an Emerging Voice with the California Indian Storytellers Association and a mentor for the Native Voices Youth Playwright Project. She has recently provided her likeness and voice for the character Kendra Daniels in EA’s survival horror video game Dead Space.  Her likeness would also fit what I envision for Shani’s calm and placid sister, the Consoler and Healer, Wren.

Abisayo Temililou


For the role of the paladin vowing to free her human cousins from slavery, my choice is Nicole Beharie.  Nicole is known for her roles in American Violet, The Express, Sins of the Mother, My Last Day Without You, Apartment 4E, and the Steve McQueen film Shame, where she starred opposite Michael Fassbender.  In 2013 she starred as Rachel Robinson, the wife of Jackie Robinson, in the historical baseball film 42.  That same year she began her role as Abbie Mills, a police officer from the small town of Sleep Hollow.  Nicole would be do well in the role of Abisayo, the oldest daughter of the chieftan of a Yoruba nation and a paladin and protector of her people, who would eventually become the lover of Pania Alow.

Those are some of my choices to play roles in the series I’m writing based on the book I’ve published, The Adventures of Black Mask & Pale Rider, which is still available in print.


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