2014 becomes 2015

31 Dec


It’s New Years Eve, and while I thought about doing a 2014 in review today and yesterday, the topics made me rather tired.  My planned topics were to discuss Ferguson and GamerGate, but I really didn’t want to talk about whiney piss babies who complain that they can’t get laid while policing the sexuality of all women.  Plus, discussing police brutality just made me very tired.  I mean, exhausted.

So here we are, one last day in 2014 before the new year rolls over from the old.  We’re time traveling forward into the future just as expected; one second at a time.

2014 brought us a lot of things that were really great, but 2014 also brought on a lot of things that really sucked and were truly awful.  The aforementioned GamerGate was a prime example.  GamerGate, like many organized protests of it’s like, was the worst planned thing, made under the absolute worst intentions.  A group of guys who can’t stand that a woman had sex, then has her game reviewed in a rather positive light (by the guy she had sex with, apparently).  Oh, and naturally it all began with the woman’s ex-boyfriend.  That entire thing is the beginning opus of GamerGate.  There was no call for any sort of ethics in journalism (and even that three word phrase is not entirely true, as it was ethics in game journalism) to take place when the first complaints were about a woman having sex.  Really, who cares.

Another awful thing was what happened in Ferguson, and continued to domino right up until the last week.  Police officers killing young men.  I should add, they were all young black men, and in some cases, black boys.  Children.  Many of the victims were still in their teens.  It’s shocking for me because when a person is tasered in Canada, there’s a huge public inquiry.

However, this is the last day of 2014, and here is a list of things I would hope that comes about.

  • An end to the war on women.
  • An to treating other countries as a place where really bad things happen.  Because they happen here too.
  • An end to Men’s Rights Activism.  It’s pointless and does nothing.  MRAs only exist to derail actual conversations.
  • An end to right wing extremism.  Right wing extremism is a puss on society, and ends up hurting everyone.

These are merely things I would hope to see happen.  There’s a lot of things I would love to see, but that would take some time to think about and list them all here.  I do have two New Years resolutions, however.

  1. Stop reading the comments on internet sites and Youtube videos.
  2. Get that book going.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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