Self Motivation Tips

31 Dec

This isn’t a list of sanctioned tips, these did not come from any medical society at all.  But it’s stuff that worked for me.  These aren’t the be all and end all of self motivating yourself.  These are just some examples of what I use and maybe they will help you.

1. Eat.

Eat some food, even if it’s just milk and cereal.  Eat something that has some nutritional value to it.  It helps to give a bit of a spark.  Even better, if you’ve got access to fruit like apples or oranges, grab one and chow down.

2. Take a shower

I’m not saying you’re stinky.  Really.  Though, foregoing bathing is one of the steps that helps anxiety/depression get worse.  If you’re going out somewhere, have a shower, change into some clean clothes, and brush back your hair.  Tie it up, even.  If you aren’t planning on going out, a good face wash, teeth brushing and slapping on some deodorant helps.

3. Let in the light

As much as many of us like to say we’re night owls and we like the night, it’s not a bad idea to open up the blinds on the windows and let in some afternoon light (this works even on cloudy days).  Doing an activity in a well lit room can help progress said activity.

4. Let yourself laugh

Find something that you find funny.  Really funny.  Stuff that actually makes you laugh out loud, clap your hands, and smile.  You don’t need to do this in public, its something to help you.  It’s good to let out a laugh to help motivate yourself.

These aren’t to motivate a person to accomplish that novel, film that short, or draw the next Mona Lisa.  These are things to help you get on with your day, even if it’s something as simple as doing the laundry.

There’s lots of ways to motivate yourself, these are just the ones I found work for me. Got more?  Add to this list.

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