2015 so far

02 Jan

One day has come and gone in this new year.

So far it’s been fairly calm, no major things happened at all.  And best of all, it’s been relaxing.

In the past, I’ll often get asked how my new years went, similarly to how did my Christmas go.  It’s never about January 1st, really.  When asked about New Years, it’s about the evening before leading up to midnight.  Which was equally as uneventful as the actual day.  As far as the day went, I had pancakes, cleaned up around the house, watched some TV, and had a nap.

I’ll probably get asked “so what’s your New Year’s Resolution”.  Which is usually the same as every other year.  I don’t really make any resolutions.  But I do try to live my life to the fullest as to what I feel.  And I try to learn new things as each day goes by.  You’d be surprised the new things you can learn even at an older age.

For me, I’m entering my 45th year of existence on this planet.  It hasn’t been stellar or ground breaking, but it has been something of a ride.

All I will say about the new year is I hope that I continue to learn new things, expand my knowledge of different people, become more open minded, become more empathic to those around me.

And, finally, get a cat.  I really want a cat.

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