There’s Nothing In This World I Wouldn’t Do: Pt. 30

12 Sep

A new, but familiar face joined the elves in Fort Salma.  As one of the Sylvari Firstborn would come calling with the hope of joining them as they explored the rest of the world.

Dream Away

(a series within a series, inspired by the Northern Pikes’ Dream Away)

Sing your love songs on Sunday morning
Close your eyes and we’ll dream away
My love knows no boundaries
Dream away

Eventually, Shani invited Lillian inside for a cup of tea and a plate of cookies. As the three talked quietly, the rest of the household began to wake up and make their way into the kitchen. Naturally, each one stopped and stared as they saw Lillian. She was a sight; short leaves on her head that swept forward with purple hues throughout, her bark was more like silk and a lighter purple colour, her eyes seemed to glow with soft pinks, and there seemed to be a yellowish glow that would flicker when the light caressed her just right.

Unia was the last to rise and come to the kitchen. It was five in the morning. “It’s not often I’m the last to get up,” she announced to the group, then let her eyes settle on Lillian.

“Nana!” Flintlock said quite vocally. “This is Lillian. She helped mama when mama was chasing one of those Asura bandits. Lillian likes to look at the stars.”

Unia chuckled at the excited announcement by Flintlock and came over to Lillian, extending her hand in greeting. “Then I owe you a debt for giving aid to my daughter,” she said. “What brings you here?”

“Shani was the only person outside of Annewen that I knew,” Lillian said as she looked to Shani and then to Unia. Unia nodded, satisfied with the answer and began to brew more tea. Pania, on the other hand, sensed something.

“Shani,” she said in her usual sing songy voice that tipped everyone off that she had something rather conspiratorial to divulge. “Would ye mind if I spoke with ye in private ’bout somethin’?” Shani sighed and nodded her head, getting up to follow her friend. Flintlock joined them, because she hated being kept out of the loop, especially when it meant secrets.

The three went into the sitting room on the second floor of the house and Pania began to divulge what she had sensed. “Lillian came to see you!” she said in an excited, but quiet voice. Shani just shook her head and shrugged. “Ah, don’t ye see. Lillian sought you out. She came here specifically b’cause ye live here.” Shani shrugged again, clearly not getting it. “She…. might be in love.”

Shani opened her eyes wide and just stared at Pania in disbelief. “Thet is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.”

“Why?” Pania remarked. “Is it hard ta b’lieve that someone might find an attraction in someone like you? She obviously sees something in you, an’ you an’ I both know the Sylvari have relationships that seem deeper than what the other livin’ races have.” Shani thought on this for a moment, then looked to Flintlock.

“She’s pretty,” the charr cub announced. “And she smells nice. And she’s nice to me.” Those three things seemed to be major selling points for Flintlock.

“There will haveta be some ground rules,” Shani said with a sigh. “Ain’t none o’ thet…. stuff thet you an’ Abby do.” Pania perked an eyebrow and smirked a bit. “I will talk ta her, alright.” Pania merely nodded with a smile and went back downstairs to join the others. Shani looked to Flintlock, who looked back with a grin. This seemed exciting to her.

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