A continued comparison

31 Mar

Admiral M'iaa T'Chall on board the bridge of the U.S.S. Lynx, Odyssey Class Starship, United Federation of Planets.

I wanted to add this in the last size comparison I did a while back.  Because this ship is huge!

In the Star Trek universe, the time setting has hit the early 25th Century.  The Klingons have torn up the Khitomer Accord with the Federation.  The Gorn have become a part of the Klingon Empire.  The Orion Syndicate has forged an alliance with the Klingons (and in response to that alliance, the Orions sent 1500 Orion Slave Girls to Quo’Nos).  There is still the threat of the Borg as the Federation negotiates with the Deferi to enter the Federation.  Caitians have become more visible in Starfleet.  The Undine, better known as Species 8472, have made attacks on Klingon and Federation outposts.  The Cardassians are rebuilding, but their efforts are slowed by a rebel faction of Cardassian-Jem’Hadar called the True Way.  The Romulans have become more dangerous since the destruction of their homeworld.  And the Breen… well, the Romulan saying still holds true.  Never turn your back on a Breen.

In response to all of these threats, the United Federation of Planets had to construct a ship capable of meeting these problems head on.  Introducing the Odyssey Class starship.

With a crew capacity of over 2000, the Odyssey has four forward weapons slots and three aft weapons slots.  These are mostly fixed with phaser banks and photon torpedo cannons.  The Odyssey also has the advantage of Chevron separation.  The saucer section of the ship can separate and become a dangerous enough tactical strike vessel.  Thus making the Odyssey doubly dangerous.

While I’m not sure of the exact length, it’s safe to say that the Odyssey is over 700 meters in length.  Here’s a size comparison using the chart that I have had before, but now includes the Odyssey.  Famous Odyssey class starships:  U.S.S. Enterprise-F.  Naturally, in the size comparison, the ships from the Rocket Fox series are kept.

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