There is one saying I just cannot stand to hear

04 Apr

I come up against this saying many times at work when I deal with our older subscribers and customers.  For a time, I used to just shrug my shoulders and think “yeah, I can see that”.

That saying is “I’m just an old man of (insert age here), I don’t know that fancy technology”.  That excuse, and I suspect excuse would be better than a saying, but that excuse is absolute garbage.  For me, that excuse became garbage when my father, my 70 year old father (saying how old he is out loud kinda scares me) bought a Fujitsu digital camera (better than mine, by the way) and a netbook, and then a three in one printer.  And then they got a Hi-Def digital TV.  I don’t even have a Hi-Def digital TV yet!

But saying “Oh, I’m just an old man” is crap!  I know people ten, fifteen, even twenty years older than me who are well versed in several computer languages.  Who have different electronic devices.  Who even play MMO’s, for crying out loud!

There are some that might say “but Arthur Black, who happens to be one of your favourite humourists, he says he’s too old”.  No no no.  I must correct you there.  Arthur Black has never once said he was too old for such devices.  He’s actually written about such devices and their affects on the world (and him).  He doesn’t use them because he’s too old.  He doesn’t use them because he’s a luddite.  There’s a difference.

We know the definition of “too old”.  Here’s the definition of luddite.  First, from Wikipedia:

Rage Against the Machine

The main Ludd himself! Ned Ludd. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Luddites were a social movement of 19th-century English textile artisans who protested – often by destroying mechanized looms – against the changes produced by the Industrial Revolution, which they felt were leaving them without work and changing their way of life. The movement was named after General Ned Ludd or King Ludd, a mythical figure who, like Robin Hood, was reputed to live in Sherwood Forest.



/ˈlʌdaɪt/ [luhd-ahyt] – noun

a member of any of various bands of workers in England (1811–16) organized to destroy manufacturing machinery, under the belief that its use diminished employment.


1805-15; after Ned Ludd, 18th-century Leicestershire worker who originated the idea

That would be a much more acceptable thing to say than just “I’m just an old (person)”.  I just will not accept that.  Unless you are infirm, or feeble, there is no excuse to learn some new piece of technology.

That is, of course, you happen to be a luddite.

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